GTP.NET the interactive Gantt chart that helps you with any and all time visualization and manipulation needs

These pages LetsBuild_ProjectPlanner, LetsBuild_ResourceBooker and LetsBuild_WeeklyPlanner shows representable samples on how to use the GTP.NET for Ajax ASP.NET.
To access this source code you must download the GTP.NET evaluation and the GTPNETWebAjax setup, you will then find the complete sample source code on your system at this location "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\GTP.NET.ASP.NET.AJAX\CompleteSource".
The GTP.NET is a licensed control, you need to license per developer but there are no additional runtime fees. You may deploy the GTP.NET free of charge once you have a developer license.
The GTP.NET is best described as a complete interactive windows form Gantt chart with ASP.NET and Ajax capabilities.

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